Shipping Container Pools- Trendy or Not?

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Shipping Container Pools- Trendy or Not?

It seems like shipping containers have become an incredibly popular building material in recent years for all kinds of projects. From tiny homes to swimming pools, shipping containers are definitely versatile as a structural base, but are they worth the investment? If you are interested in adding a pool to your home, the idea of a shipping container may be appealing at first. They’re an eco-friendly way to repurpose a large item that may otherwise go to waste. However, there a few things to keep in mind when it comes to using shipping containers for custom pools.

How Does a Shipping Container Pool Work?

The concept behind a shipping container pool is relatively straightforward. A hole is dug into the property, and the shipping container is placed inside the hole to serve as the base for the pool structure. However, it is more complicated than simply filling the container with water and diving in; a shipping container pool requires all the same construction and safety features as an in-ground pool.

Getting the shipping container into the ground isn’t as easy as you might think, either. The container will need to be lowered into the ground by a crane, and the hole needs to be 30 to 40 feet long depending on the size of the container. This process alone can be incredibly expensive when compared to the cost of installing a typical inground pool.

Once the shipping container is in the ground, the pool installation process really begins. A shipping container pool will require a watertight lining with additional layers of stainless steel, which adds quite a lot of weight to the containers. Shipping containers will rust over time and will need to be routinely and carefully inspected. The pool will require waterproof paint and a custom fiberglass shell or vinyl covering.

Finishing a Shipping Container Pool

Once the shipping container pool’s lining is complete, next comes the process of finishing the pool and adding other necessary fixtures, such as the filtration system. Once you reach this phase of construction you may start noticing the drawbacks of shipping container pools. First, they are difficult to customize. You are limited to either a 20-foot length or 40-foot length unless you want to pay for custom cutting to the exact length you want. Next, you are limited by depth. The water in a shipping container will be about 4.5 feet deep for the entire length of the pool.

While 4.5 feet may seem like enough for some homeowners, it’s a tough depth for most people. It could be too deep for small children and not deep enough for taller adults who want full upper-body water resistance. By comparison, custom pools installed by a professional pool builder offer a wide range of customization options.

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Is a Shipping Container Pool Right for My Property?

Shipping container pools may be trendy, but the reality is that they are very expensive to install considering the limited range of options available with this type of pool. There is no doubt they attract attention but you must have an experienced structural engineer to reconfigure, redesign and recreate them to your specifications and still be safe. For the average homeowner who wants to install an inground pool, a shipping container pool is an expensive choice with minimal room for customization.

Pool and Spa Depot is an experienced pool builder that offers a wide range of pool installation options, from fully customizable Gunite pools to affordable above-ground pools. We have no plans to offer shipping container pool installation services because we do not believe this pool option offers real value to our customers. Like you, we are interested in beautiful design and the repurposed ideas people come up with for custom swimming pools. If you have considered a shipping container pool for your home but would be interested in the benefits of other popular custom pool options, contact Pool and Spa Depot today to learn more about the custom pools we offer.

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