Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

5 Tips to Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

After long, cold and wet winter, we are beyond ready to enjoy the great outdoors, and have some fun in the sun. Whether it’s a high-energy sport, a game among friends or simply lounging on the back patio around your pool, here are five tips to prepare your home for this year’s outdoor entertainment season.

Tip #1: Convenient, Multi-Purpose Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor rooms are an extension of the home, so keep everything you could possibly need outside. For example, our outdoor kitchen will keep your beverages cool, your food hot and your guests continually impressed by your stylish outdoor cooking area. Cooking for the family with a few cocktails and some good grilled steaks makes a wonderful weekend.

Tip #2: Shade Systems

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This time of year brings the beauty of the sunshine, warm rain showers and oh-so-hot ultraviolet rays. Whether you opt for a large umbrella, pergola, gazebo or a pavilion, a functional shade system will help keep the party going, no matter the weather. The great thing about a shade structure like a pergola or pavilion is that not many people have them. This gives you the opportunity to complement your outdoor living area in an original way that’s incredibly attractive and useful.

Tip #3: Outdoor Furniture

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Nothing makes your patio more welcoming than a cozy place to sit. Brightly colored or patterned cushions for outdoor lounging may make the space your new favorite “staycation” spot. No matter what furniture style or material you choose, one simple pattern can help everything come together. If you have all the same material furniture, consider using complimentary colors and designs – instead of identical ones — to add some necessary variety.

Tip #4: Nice Tableware

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Whether it’s Memorial Day, Labor Day or just a weekend gathering, there is no better time than finding yourself in the company of friends and family over dinner. Outdoor tableware is where you exercise your attention to detail. Selecting a table setting that complements your seat cushions and shade system will make your entertainment space an all-around design success.

Tip #5: Discreet Pest Repellant

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Prevent any discomfort of your welcomed guest by blocking out the unwelcomed ones that can crash the party. Reclaim your backyard! Mosquitos transmit dangerous viral disease including West Nile, Zika and Dengue fever. Protect your family and loved ones. Decorative, pest- repelling burners can be subtle, yet effective, and some even double as outdoor lighting. Thank us later!

Whether you’re inviting over a couple friends for dinner or throwing a pool party for the whole neighbourhood, these entertaining tips are sure to turn your simple soiree into an event to remember. Family, friends, food and a great backyard space might just make this summer the best one yet.

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